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Thanks too much 

I can't open the rar files and I tried opening it on another app but it doesn't work

download 7zip, works fine here

The assets are fine but the attack animation changes position. Can you fix it?


got the same thing but it was only the width
instead of using 19 columns sprites use 18, works fine in here

Me and my university colleagues made a game for our team project using your assets. Thank you very much.

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Hey! I'm making a game as a school project and I just wanted you to know that I love this sprite pack and I'll be using it in the game.

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Can you help me my computer opens this file with note editer

right click > open with > choose another app



Cool animations


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Hey hey! I used your sprites for a school project; thanks a lot for making them freely available. :)

Feel free to check it out here:

Very cool animation!

I really like the animations! Good job!

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How many frames per animation? (I'm using Construct 3)

Wow, it's so smooth and just amazing in general!

Amazing work!


I really love this asset pack, would like it if you could a jumping keyframe set too though, was wanting to use it as a main character in a platformer.

I am not sure if the author is cool with it but I could make it jump. My discord Mark#6736


and here I was thinking that bone battles used original art


I used your art in this game:
Thank you.


Hello, im using your skeleton as an enemy in my game im working on. If you wish to see it in action i will post the youtube link below.


Ola, gostaria de lhe avisar que estou indo utilizar seus sprites no meu primeiro game, vlw pelos sprites seu trabalho e incrivel.

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