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Awesome sprites !
I use them for my first game, thanks very much !

You can see it at :

And I have credited you in the description of my game.

Thanks again to share freely your work :)


An excellent creation!

yo Jesse any way i can contact you? i have been working on an indie game for a while now, currently all the character sprites are colored boxes, i can send you the beta version of the game to try, i would love my game to look like this, this skeleton sprite will make an awesome Warrior sprite but i also require lumberjacks, tree-planters, archers and a basic player spite (skeleton without a weapon or attack just an animation of a skeleton like this with a hammer constructing something on the ground. (smacking it a few times)), you can contact me by email at, Cheers - YelIow


Hello, you can can follow me on twitter (@Jsf23Art) and send me a DM, so we can talk about it ;)


cute sprites!


Thank you really appreciate it!

nice clean animations, i would love to see more like this!!

Thanks I'll do my best to keep them coming! :P

i have searched for sprites like this for at least 2 months now! finally! this one is incredible! i would love to see more, like maybe a skeleton archer

Thank you! <3 Glad you like it, I'm definitely going to make more sprite/asset packs but probably a different character or enemy, I want to have variety, but maybe in the future I can do more Skeletons. For now I hope you enjoy the skeleton sprite pack! :P


This is fantastic!


Thanks guys! <3