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woud you mind if your pack in game i will give credit?

Awesome tileset, great work on it!

Is there any chance to get like a firing animation? It doesn't need to be free, I would gladly pay for additions to this great set. Thanks!


why i don't have these things Jungle tileset
Character animations:
Grab Ledge
Jungle Background
Five Layers


this asset is great !!

thank you for the assets...its really very cool

No problem, glad you like them!

Hello, your assets are really cool. We just made a little game last week end with it. If you want to check

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I have used your artwork in a free to play Android game available at:

You have been credited as per instructions on our credits page here:

Thanks for producing great artwork!

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I'm using this BEAUTIFUL pack on my game:

(referenced on file)

Congratulations to the artist, I'll absolutely donate something to support and stimulate the creation of many more amazing arts!

Rad background - I used it in my game:

Thanks for the effort!


Hello, i saw that the sprites are GIF files, but was wondering how to implement this? 

yeah, weird choice, but you can convert them easily using

you may have to do some editing though, the sprites produced don't all have the same dimensions. run has frames 21px wide but still is only 19px. I think you can ask the website to add a 1px margin when converting still.


Muy bueno, seguramente los use. 

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hello sir i want to download this pack to use it in my game (commercial use) . 

so can i download this pack for free???? 

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Hello, what is the size of the tiles in the tileset?


Hello, the tiles are 16x16 pixels. 

Amazing !!

Just love the assets

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Great work! May I use this great tileset for my game?

It might be used for commercial use.

I've also put in your amazing skeleton sprite!

If there's a problem, just tell me and I'll use something else, anytime!

Thank you! Sure, there is no problem. You can use the tiles and the skeleton sprites for a commercial project.

He's so adorable! 

hello i want to make a game, and i need someone to do sprites, want join?

Can I also edit the assets ? like change the jump animation ?

Sure, there is no problem! 

thanks you ,  I was also planning to make an animation that makes the character is holding on a rope then swings

Hey there, I made a small game using your assets, you can check it here if interested:

Also there's another jungle jump game on there with a similar concept using the same assets :P Everyone loves your assets.

Can it be used for coding in stencyl ?


Hey there, may i use it for a cc game ?


Sure, there is no problem!

How do you make this work on unity engine?

umm, how do I actually add this into unity.

and why dosent it move when i play the game

You need a script(code) to make it move

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Thank you. Yes, each tile is 16x16 pixels.

Deleted 67 days ago

Love your work, can't wait to see more!   



It is free, the website just asks if you want to contribute the  developer with a donation. To download the asset pack just click on "Download Now" and then click on " No thanks, just take me to the downloads".


Lol, i didn't acknowledge that, thanks bro. Appreciate it.

No problem, hope you like the asset pack :)

have no chill then realizd that you mestup

Can I use this Assets as A Special Level and Character as the Main Character. My game's a Platformer game with Game Feel And Juice... I will Credit You at the start of the Level, At the Loading Bar and Also give  a link to this and Add your Twitter or FB id, Can you give the Link?

Hey! Sure, feel free use the assets and character on your game. Here is the link: thank very much for crediting me :D


Hi there :) I made a small game out of it:  

In case it would make any money I will share with you :) 

(the graphics are good but the gameplay is not that wow ;) )

Keep on making these cool graphics Jesse! If you need a programmer for a project of yours, also let me know :)

Hi! Nice game, keep making more :D
I appreciate it a lot, but you can keep the money,  the assets are totally free. If you want to support me you can consider a donation <3
Thank you jhilven, keep making small cool games. I'll let you know ;)

hey can i pick your Brain about game maker 2? I just started and you seem like you know what you are talking about.

Hi imcade. I did not use game maker 2. But feel free to ask any questions ;)

Hi,  nice job ! I realy like the jungle ambience and your character's animations. I would know if I can use your work for a tutorial for unity 2D on my blog. In fact I need 2 environments, I already asked another man.

 Of course I will add your name and link to your original work :)

It's a blog which help people on digital subject (dev web, design, video games creation ...).

Waiting for your approval,

Best regards,

Hello sosnoob! Thank you very much. Yes, feel free to use my work for your tutorials on your blog.
I apologize for the late response, hope your blog does really well and helps a lot of people :) 

i have a question

what fps should i use for the character movements?

15,30,60 fps?

Hey Jesse,

Im trying to open the ".ase" files on the latest version of Adobe programs, and i get the error - "could not complete your request because the file is not compatible with this version of Photoshop"

Could you be kind enough to update the files or change them to ".svg" files?

Im making a college project and your assets will be a great shortcut for me!

Thanks a lot!


The software I use to create assets is Aseprite. Unfortunately  it can't save files as .svg, but I've updated the .ase files . I hope it works and wish you the best luck with your college project :)

Jess you are the man!

Thanks a lot, for your quick response - its not obvious!

But, I still can't edit the ASE files.... I want to add the "Jungle Tileset" file, but i cant access it on any program...

maybe you have the tiles as a vector image of some sort? or maybe you can recommend a program that will let me edit your files?

Really appreciate everything you do and your amazing work!

Very nice, thanks!

Thanks, glad you like it! Nice game! :D

What Engine Is This For?

Hi, Jesse M

could u make 47 tile set of your tile set ?

Very nice pack. I loved it.

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