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Hey! I used your astonishing asset pack for my game, Run Dino!

Check it out here if you want to:

Thanks a lot! :D

If someone have problem with Jungle Background,cut left corner of the image,because it has white and gray line.


Get it here:


The ASE files aren't opening in Photoshop :/


because they are asesprite files...


great i will use it in the weekly game jam

Gonna take a look for sure! ^^

thx this is it


Excellent work!, I used it to do some tests of the day-night cycle effect and it really looks great!

Here you can see how it looks with the day and night transition.

Thanks for the pack!


I've just made a game using this asset pack! Check it out on my page :D


ah yes, Nahan Dake

This is an fantastic asset pack! The sprites are a fantastic quality!

Thanks for share!

Absoulutely amazing tileset, but it has pieces missing:

Thanks for letting me know, I've updated the file. :)

Hello, I want to ask permission to use your assets for a  community collab that we have? Thanks!


You can use the art provided by this asset pack for personal and commercial use.

You cannot redistribute this asset pack."

Guess, i didn't catch that the first time. lol


Nice :)

I'd like to be able to use this pack in Unity (Windows) but the .ASE files appear to all be corrupted. Is there a possibility of modifying these files to allow them to be opened on Windows? Or even just releasing the PNG files of each frame of animation?

Love the art work though, it's beautiful!

Many thanks!

They work in older versions of asesprite!

How do I use the animations in Unity?

You have to open them in for example Asesprite and than make a spritesheet out of them

hey im trying to upload it to unity and its not opening pls help i want to use this beautiful sprites

ok i was looking through the files and it seems that he made this pack on mac os, not windows. so even though its a png, mac os processes pngs differently :(

its beutiful art and im using it but im struggling with the tileset bitmasking can you please post how to bitmasking it ?

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this asset pack is awesome. I´'m releasing a Video game soon with this pack. Definitely mentioning your awesome work!!!



Is this suitable for construct 3.

It is.

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May I use this pack for my game.

Looks like the creator has no problem with that!


tiles 32x32?


They are 16x16 I just found out myself after looking at it for hours lol

Hey! I'm interested in using your amazing art in my free game (a kind of card game platformer mix), but I wanted to ask for permission first. I will make sure to give you credit!

Yes, go ahead! Feel free to use this asset pack on your game! :)

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Hi, great art work you got there, I hope you don't mind if I use this asset pack for teaching. I teach video game developing for kids.

Thanks! Go ahead, I don't mind it at all. Happy to know my art is help kids learn game development.

Thanks, what program did you do this?

I used this resource to create a free Android game.
Thank you for creating and distributing great resources!

Hello, thanks for your work, I used your jungle tileset for a game:

Hi there!

Im currently working on a small indie game using your asset pack. Hope to see ya on release. Here is the link where you can test it out

Good Luck, mokuteki

can I use these in a game that I will sell on stores? I won't sell the assets I will sell the game that I will made using the assets.



woud you mind if your pack in game i will give credit?

Awesome tileset, great work on it!

Is there any chance to get like a firing animation? It doesn't need to be free, I would gladly pay for additions to this great set. Thanks!


why i don't have these things Jungle tileset
Character animations:
Grab Ledge
Jungle Background
Five Layers


this asset is great !!

thank you for the assets...its really very cool

No problem, glad you like them!

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