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Very nice pack. I loved it. It's what i need. I just would ask if you can update it with a attack(swing sword) animation. Also, I think about make a tutorial with your asset. It's almost perfect for my needs. I need only one more animation: attack. :D

Lo siento pero, como puedo abrir el archivo? Utilizo Photoshop y me dice que no es compatible con mi versión que es CC 2017


nice ! thanks

Hi, Jesse M 

I really like the pack and even paid for it ,one humble request I need the texture of the jungle pack i.e the leafy texture.

Hello Arul, thanks! Im really glad to help! Do you have twitter, so that way I can DM you about it, because Im not really clear of what you mean by the texture :)

Hello Jesse M

@aruljilu is my Twitter handle

Really Nice work im fan ! 

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I love this pack, thanks for sharing! 

Venezuela Present.

No hay de que, muchas gracias, espero que te sea útil! ^^

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Very well done, thanks for sharing!

Thanks, glad you like it!

Thx for this

Your welcome, glad you like it, hope you enjoy it! :P

Great! Very good!